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Dum Spiro Spero

Posted in Life on June 27, 2010 by Saquib

Through the windows I stare
At the skies up above

A distant dream
With perils that hide in the glare

While the jets fly over
And rockets reach for the planets
It’s the stars at which I stare

If I could tell you
How hard it can be to keep myself off
From this dream that I dared

Through the windows I stare
At the dark skies caught in glare

While the raindrops reach my skin
And the Sun shines at my eyes
The shadows of others above surround me
It’s the stars at which I stare

Into the closet I seek
For the spacesuit that I must wear
And filling those tanks
With whatever the Earth can spare

While there are no roads
I see ways to reach
And there are no gates
I find the reasons to enter

And the taxi only takes you so far
As for he knows only so much
Of the roads that lead us there

For everything that will change
And every moment that is to come

Through the windows I stare
At the skies above

For the stars that I dare

Looking forward to a ‘Blitzkrieg’

Posted in Life on June 25, 2010 by Saquib

It’s been three weeks, and the fever seems to be getting higher. My neighbor had an Argentinean flag, and I had to change and get a bigger German one. Who ever said football becomes more important than life or death, was probably right.

I take the German football team very personally. I’ve been a fan and a supporter for last 12 years, and I have loved every part of their game. Although this time around there are too many changes in the squad that I knew of, it still takes my breath away to see so many young talents playing it in the world cup. However I was a bit too confused after watching yesterday’s game, I know this team can do better.

Yesterday I saw this vehicle carrying a huge German flag. I took the time to personally show gratitude to the owner of the car. He liked it, and so did I. After all, we’re the rare ones to locate – in between all the yellows and blues. I was invited to Gulshan Club to enjoy the next match with England; now that’s a German fan.

I’m a die-hard German supporter, and I love every part of being one. Aggressive, dominating, agility, and tactical – all of it is reflected in their game. But the signature German style of the game was only seen in their first match against Australia, c’mon guys, you are better than this.

I’ve spotted another Argentinean flag across the other balcony of my apartment. Need to get another one by tomorrow.

Planning to see some exciting matches in the next round.