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Add Signature Automatically when Composing Message in Novell Evolution

Posted in Linux / Mac with tags , , , , , , , on May 7, 2008 by Saquib

The option to add Signature to my emails automatically seemed to be quite a pain. I thought it was not possible in Novell Evolution. But I have to deal with 100s of emails everyday, and Linux what I work with in my office. I loved Evolution, but this one thing I couldn’t really find – until i started looking into the Mail Account settings. When you have your Inbox open, select: Tools => Settings => Composer Preferences => Signatures, Click on the Add button. That will open the signature editor. Edit your signature in the signature editor, give it a name, then save it. Then select Mail Accounts, click on your account, and click on the Edit button. When the account editor window comes up, you will see, near the bottom of the Identity page, in the Optional Information block, something that says “Default signature”, with a listbox next to it. Click on the listbox and select the name of the signature that you want as your default. Then click on OK, then click on Close, and you are ready to use your email client with a default signature that it will automatically add to the bottom of every message you send. – Cool, but couldn’t it be more easier? (Think “usability” opensource people, think!)

64 Bit Media Player for Vista x64

Posted in Windows with tags , , , , , on September 11, 2007 by Saquib

Okay I use the 64 bit version of Windows Vista. The 64-bit Windows Vista defaults to the 32-bit version of Windows Media Player 11 to ensure broad file and media compatibility. The 32-bit WMP11 program is located in the ‘c:\ProgramFiles(x86)\’ folder. Great news is there is a native 64-bit version of WMP11, located in the ‘c:\ProgramFiles\’ folder. (You probably knwo this by now if u used any win x64 os for a few days)

To specify the 64-bit WMP11 as the default player for 64-bit Vista, we need to redirect program shortcuts.

Go to Start > Run (“run” needs to be enabled for show from menu properties)

To set 64-bit WMP11 as default player type: “unregmp2.exe /SwapTo:64”
To revert to 32-bit WMP11 as the default player type: “unregmp2.exe /SwapTo:32”
thats it? NO! >> This part makes all the Media Player links to automatically point to 64 Bit Media Player. So if you were clicking on the Media Player icon from the Menu, it would by default open the 64 bit version of Media Player.

However, there’s another issue that also needs to be resolved. What happens when you double click on an icon that is supposed open in Media Player – would the media file open in 32 or 64 bit player? Well, up until this part, it will still open the Media Player at 64 bit version, so now you need to edit the registry to make it open in 64 bit Media Player by Default as well. This part cotains registry editing, and might put your system to risk!!! So it’s all up to you. I didn’t face any issues doing this, so here’s what you can too:

Open Registry Editor (regedit), then navigate to the the registry key of “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\wmplayer.exe”. Then set the registry subkey “Path” to be “%ProgramFiles%\Windows Media Player\” (WITHOUTquotes), and “(Default)” subkey (normally the first entry) to “%ProgramFiles%\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe” (INCLUDE quotes). That’s it, wala!

Also, you’d be needing the supported x64 ffmpeg codec pack or any other 64 bit codec pack to work with 64but wmp. by the way i dont think this works the same way for xp 64 bit… correct me if im wrong! get the widely available 64 bit k lite codec pack, or just google for vista 64 bit codec and install any codec pack you like. This is the 64 bit codec pack (VistaCodecs x64Components) i use this codec.