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Vibe and Nemesis Live

Posted in Life, Media with tags , on March 11, 2008 by Saquib

A great Friday night with Vibe and Nemesis at Decagon. The evening went just great, thanks to Amit Bhai and Tanm Bhai who actually referred to me the day before. Of course, I didn’t expect too much from the concert, just trying to be out, live life, socialize, try to live up to dreams. I was proven wrong, I loved what was going on, of course not the whole crowd, but it was indeed, not bad at all. Sound was a bit bland, vocal got blurred behind instruments – but I shouldn’t complain, much better managed, fewer people, smoother…. It was a great evening, beautiful weather, breezy, amazing, beautiful people – what better day to be out?

Both Vibe and Nemesis performed great, the guys are always good at this. Don’t get me wrong, but I like their works better than many of Artcell’s and Warfaze’s stuff – it’s just a personal view, but I like what they do. It’s just that Nemesis and Vibe kinda matches better with my personality, my views, and my way. It started great, and got even better. I actually didn’t get tired of standing up most of the time, although it wasn’t enough for me to get lost, but I definitively had a good time watching and listening to these guys play. I hope to see more of these types of events. Thanks Decagon, thanks Nemesis, thanks Vibe.

An overview video can be found at:


Posted in Media with tags on March 10, 2008 by Saquib

Mostly when you hear the word “underground” in terms of music in Dhaka, it’s obvious you are talking about a bunch of wanna be kids trying to replicate music, making sure they get to maximize their showoff for potentials. They either do it to be famous or to be like some other band, but rarely for a pure desire to make something creative, different and passionate.

Coming to Nemesis, stuffs said above doesn’t fit at all. So it seems unreasonable to call them underground, even though that’s how most people categorize them. I’m not sure bringing one album to the market puts them in the same league as other much more capable bands like Aurthohin or Black, but it’s true these guys deserve a lot of credit for their work.

What’s most defined about Nemesis is they really feel like a true “Rock” band. Now, rock has been blended into 100s of different categoris, and one can’t purily define what actual genre Rock was supposed to mean. They aren’t exactly slow rock, nor is metal, they keep the tempo the way rock is supposed to keep it. Simply put, although way out of their league, but they do try to create the same type of music bands like U2 and Pear Jam do. Now, give them a hand of applause for that, it’s actually good.

If you compare them with others, like Artcell or Warafze, well they dont quite play the same kind. Of course Nemesis is better than any underground band, but for those two bands that come close to Nemesis, in many cases I love what Nemesis does. I think Nemesis clearly has more personality and sophstication to their approach than Artcell/Warfaze, and that in music (and people) I really look out for.

The thing that disturbs me most about Nemesis’s music is the lack of Vocal clarity or not being able to catch the details in mid range – sad. I think these folks do great music, but the instruments too often take over the voice, not the kind of mixing I’d prefer.

This album is definitely worth checking out, they do great in concerts (I’ve heard them playing U2 pretty good), and even for casual listening at home – it’s always “fun” having Nemesis around. They do great with English tracks, probably better than anyone else around. Most of the tracks sounds great, but I’ll pick “Biborno Shorshta”, “Na Ghumder Gaan”, “New Day”, “Gone”, “Onneshon”, and “Mrittu Chaya” as my favorites.