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Looking into this New Year

Posted in Life with tags , , , on January 1, 2007 by Saquib

2006 wasn’t a bad year over all; looking back at time, god has given me a lot more  than many others. i do miss my cousins this time, since they have been around for nearly a lt of last new years eve; stupid family misunderstanding has led to many problems, which i beleive no one was guilty of. anyways, just hoping that tomorrow may be be better than today, lets look fwd than past, lets learn to be satisfied of what we are, lets hope for prosperity and peace. now i feel much more myself, and i have the liberty to live my life being who i really am. for every new year, there’s more to look forward – but lets pray this time we learn to make a difference, to believe we can change for a better tomorrow. lets not look into what we couldn’t become, rather what we have: lets not compare with those who have more, but with those who has nothing, because there are more people in this world with very little. lets learn to compromise, to feel, to keep promises, to bring end to our conflicts – lets try to have a better soul, than a better living.
new year gives us the chance to look forward into life; we don’t have to be a success in whatever we aim for – but at least we can try our best, make a promise being determined: the only difference between dreams and reality is purely “desire”.wishing all the best for 2007 and hope we all have a fun filled Eid!